a reflection of the past year

I really can't believe it has been a year since i made this announcement about my partnership with Paper House Productions. I get asked often from friends and how things are going. It is so sweet and each day i realize how grateful i am to wake up and not only do what i love, but do it with people i love. My business has grown to become a big family of inspiring and passionate people.

on business
Since i was at a challenging space to grow my business prior to my partnership, i've been able to focus more on design, marketing and talking with you - fans, friends, and buyers. Having business mentors to shift my thinking, to challenge me daily, to listen to my desires and long- term plans has been something amazing for me. Working (mostly) solo in the past i would get stuck in my own head and thoughts and what i 'thought' things should look like or be like. Having the ability to talk through with a team of many, many personalities i have found to be so helpful and a game changer.  I used to meet with business mentors at S.C.O.R.E prior to my partnership. Guys, if you are a small business and need or want advice, this is a great (FREE!) resource. Anyway, i would meet every week or bi-weekly and what i loved most was hearing the other side of the brain. I think it is so important to be open to, and work through ideas, thoughts, and challenges. I'm thankful i have this currently.

on design
This is an easy reflection of how things have changed. First and foremost, i have a team of designers to lean on each day as needed. While I am in charge of design concept and aesthetic, the designers from Paper House Productions are a talented set of eyes and thinkers to bounce ideas off of, to brainstorm with, to get feedback from and to maybe (probably) help with some file prep at times. :)

When i think of the cards and notepads i used to design and this year designed a ceramic snail  i am blown away. I never would have been able to pull this product off on my own. Guys, this product (and the entire set of ceramics) was a beast to design. So, many hours. So many emails. So much stress. So much laughing, and actually i shed some tears too. These items might have started with my vision, but it took an army to bring them to life.

on work/life balance
Recently, i shared how i balance work and life, particularly because i work from home and travel one day a week to the Paper House office. What has changed the most for me in terms of life is being able to have a better handle on the various segments of business because i have help for those. I felt like somedays i would climb in a hamster wheel and not get out. By having a logistics team, a sales team and so many other helping hands i just can have a clearer vision of my day-to-day career which in turn helps to turn down the stress. Not that my days are all stress free for sure, but the stress is more manageable if that makes sense.  

on traveling
If you read my post from a couple of weeks ago, or if you follow along on Instagram you will know i travel once a week. It can be as quick as a 2.25 hour drive or more one way- it just really depends upon the traffic. When i instastory about it, i will often get asked how i like the travel every week. In short, i like it! It's the radio station, it's a hot cup of coffee that i can actually finish, it's alone time, it's think time, it's prayer time and it's podcast time. Often on the drive home i talk to friends and family to pass the time and honestly it's a great decompression time. But mostly? I LOVE being with my team. We share work, stress, candy (thanks Pat!) and samples. We oooo and ahhhh over new products and we have fun! We work hard and play hard.

The remainder of this year will bring product designs and preparation for 2019. I and we are very excited to get more and more people to know and love The Pink Orange. I share a bit of my self and my own story in every piece i design and what i love most is sharing those bits of my life with you. Thank you for sticking around for the ride - it's just going to get better and better!



(photo by: Shaina Lee Photo)


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