friday favorites: etsy finds


Happy, happy Friday! I hope your week has been great!

I found a company the other day on Instagram that sells the most gorgeous backgammon sets. I want to gift my husband backgammon. Sometimes we get in our hamster wheel of the same ole', same ole' and life can feel like ground hogs day. I'm working on finding a new sitter (we lost our favorite girl to college) so we can start having regular date nights but also at home so we don't get sucked into the sofa and our phones. Typical, right?

Anyway, i LOVED the custom sets this company produces but the price-tag is pretty high so i set off to search for anther stylish option and found the one shown above. I realized how many items i have in my favorites and thought i'd share them with you! 

I would also LOVE to know your favorites as well. 

Because we live near the beach, i have been looking for some great artwork to add to our art ledge or going up our stairs. Both my husband and i tend towards more modern art, but live in a 1935 center hall colonial so i feel like this is a nice balance.

monogrammed, embroidered napkins
This is one of those items i promised myself i could invest in for entertaining once we bought our house. I still would like scallop edge linen but these are pretty and a great price.  

wooden rolling pin
Sugar cookie dough and i get along only for eating it in ice-cream - i can't make good dough to save my life. However, this rolling pin that rolls a pattern will make me want to perfect my dough just so Parker and i can have a weekend baking project. This shop has so many fun ones too!

I just love a fun matchbox! And they are even more fun when they are pink and have a cute flamingo illustration. 

As i mentioned above, i am looking forward to learning a game alongside my hubby that neither of us know how to play. 

vertical bar necklace
I purchased this for myself last year and had 'Parker' engraved in it. It's dainty and simple and he actually loves that i wear it as well. The shop i purchased it from has so many pretty things to choose from too. 


Have a great weekend!



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  • I LOVE backgammon. I haven’t played it in years, but it was a regular part of my childhood. I used to play all the time with my mom and friends. You’re making me think it’s time to play again!

    Catherine Oct 16, 18

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