friday favorites: Holding onto summer


Here in the Northeast, summer always seems to be a fleeting moment. You wait all these months for it to arrive and them boom! It's gone. However, the past few years we have been lucky enough to have really, really great weather into September and sometimes even October. 

Living by the beach makes this season even that much more incredible and seemingly longer - and i'm truly grateful that we live so close. Weekend days by the beach, even when there is a slight chill are just so great. There is just something so relaxing and meditative to watch the water and decompress. 

I certainly do my best to hang onto all the nice weather and pretend it's summer for as long as possible, even when the calendar says something else. So with that, i've got some fun pieces for you to help you hang onto the nice weather also.


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straw bag  //  sunglasses  //  flamingo tee  //  denim shorts
a summer affair book  //  wooden earrings  //  slides  //  lipgloss 
floral canvas pouch 


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