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I've been wanting to write and share this blog post for a bit now, but i also wanted to make sure i was sharing really helpful information for you by testing and trying these out. Some are for personal use, some for business or a combination of both! I would love to know some of your most favorites as well.



I have used this app for years. And by years, i've been married 12 and i remembering having it prior to us getting married - so maybe 15 years? I'm a visual person and i just love the "old fashioned" way of budgeting via the envelope system. Plus also, i will use Excel, but it's not my favorite so this make budgeting - well, shall we say fun? HA! Snowmint also have some other apps that are helpful in the financial areas of your life.


This is another one i've used for a number of years. I love that it syncs between my desktop and iPhone. I list out my week on a Monday hour by hour so i can plan out all the areas of design and business i need to accomplish. While life has many curveballs it's not always spot on, but at least i can get an overview of my week and where time will be spent. Plus if i'm out and about and i get asked about a meeting, project, etc, i can take a look at the app on my phone and insert notes or tasks or to-do's and it's all synced up and i'm not guessing at whether or not i have the time. 


My husband got me into using this one. It's a great place to keep in contact with a team or teams without clogging your inbox or text messages. You can file share, have private conversations, make group conversations and more! I've used it for only a few months, but so far, so good!


Awesome note
This one is fairly new but i love how i can keep allll the things i need to take care of in one spot. While yes, the iPhone has all the individual places and apps to do all of these things, i love that this app combines for a one-stop organizational shop. ;)


I love this app for editing photos. I like it better than any other app out there for editing - and i personally have tried many. I find so many are a little too robust for me and i need quick, quick, quick - and EASY!


Unroll me
This is a dream! I'm subscribed to so many emails from so many years and i just can't read them all or i'm not interested anymore or quite frankly, i never even subscribed to. This app is free (who doesn't love free!) and can help you declutter your inbox. I will admit, i had some trouble getting logged in, but support was helpful and i was on my way. 


Lastly, i use this miracle cube timer to help me break my day into chunks along with Workflowy. It has proven to be the best little tool for work, and it helps with Parker's homework reading too! He has to read for at least 15 minutes each day and having a gadget like this is just what his little brain needs. I also find it helpful for chores and quick things i need to take care of around the house like laundry or meal prep. 


I hope you can find one or more of these apps helpful for your personal or work life. Let me know how they help!


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