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Something that i have been wanting to do for quite a bit is to start sharing women in business who inspire me. Women who share. Women who lift each other up. Women who are successful in and on their own terms and women who believe in #communityovercompetition. Over the 11 years i've been in business i've run into some pretty poisonous business women, but on the flip side i've met some ah-mazing women whom i adore being around. Lora is one of those people. Lora owns Scout Curated Wears. A simply gorgeous jewelry line that gives back 10% of net profits each year to help and support other women. Most recently, Lora donated to Dress for Success


Please meet Lora, owner of Scout Curated Wears. Be sure to show her some love and check out her line at the end of the post. 


Hi! I'm Lora- mom of 2 crazy boys, travel enthusiast & founder of Scout Curated Wears. I launched Scout in 2015 shortly after turning 40. I’ve worked in the fashion industry since college and always loved how exciting, fast paced & dynamic it is. Turning 40 was a whoa moment in a good way. I took a long hard look at my life and decided I wanted to be more present for my family. I traveled so much for my job that half the time when I was home my kids called me by our daycare providers name! Every time that happened my heart broke a little bit. I resigned from my job to take a break which was a huge leap into the unknown for this OCD over-planner. The time I spent at home helped me recharge and gather the courage to start something of my own. Scout is what come out of that.

Where do you find your inspiration for your work? 
I’ve always loved fashion. I love that what you wear can change you mood & what you project. I’m inspired by so many things, travel, color, nature, beauty…. Ultimately I do what I do because I enjoy creating beautiful things that are enjoyed by others. I love hearing stories about how a certain item was given as a gift or bought as a pick me up for a friend. In 2017 we launched a women’s initiative to give back 10% to causes that support woman. It’s given new purpose to Scout. It’s been inspiring to get involved with organizations like Dress for Success that work to empower women.

What is your favorite piece from your line?
That’s a tough one because I love to layer everything together! If I had to pick, my current fav is our new Lava stone bracelet/necklace wrap. Lava is the stone of strength and wearing it reminds me that I’m strong even when I’m feeling unsure.

Who would be your dream customer that buys your jewelry?
I would love to see Tory Burch wearing Scout. She has great style and I admire her mission with the Tory Burch Foundation to empower women entrepreneurs. I’d love to partner with Anthropologie. I think their customers would love Scout.

What is your personal style like? Does your work typically reflect that?
I’m a style chameleon! So much so that people often don’t recognize me. I’m bohemian at heart but love to play with fashion. Everything from preppy to edgy. Different pieces and color combinations in my line reflect that.

 What is your favorite Instagram account to follow?
So many! I’m inspired daily by all the amazing content people put out there. I really like refinery29 it’s a great mix of fashion, culture & art, designsponge for style inspiration, olivesandgrace is an inspiring kick butt women owned business in Boston and humansofny to remind us that we are all in this together

What tradition or routine is important to you?
Every morning I carve out about 20 minutes for my self to practice yoga. Sometimes I feel like it saves my life. It’s such a gift to be able to do that with 2 kids and a business and it really keep me going.

We know you are so busy! How do you balance all of your work responsibilities along with your home and personal life?
I’ll get back to you when I figure that out! My husband Grayson is the glue that holds it all together. My life and family would not work without him. He’s amazing and always up for anything. Whether that’s manning the home front while I do my thing or pitching in at Scout on top of his career. Any entrepreneur needs a good support network whether it’s friends, mentors, or a partner. He’s mine.

What’s your favorite app (or other tool!) for helping you do life?
It’s so basic but I could not live without google calendar and the bells and alerts I set to remind me of where I need to be and who I’m meeting with. Love that I can add things to our family calendar and my husband can see them too.


(photography by Jessica Haley)

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