Mixing fonts

One of my favorite aspects of being a designer is fonts! I love fonts, i own lots and lots of fonts and have worked with many fonts throughout the years. Over the past few years, I've narrowed down the font choices I've used most often to stay consistent with my own style and brand - which I call classic with a bit of rock-n-roll. I know my college professors would have heart failure if they knew (sorry Kris and CAC if you are reading) that I slightly adjust some of my fonts. I love a good kern and I also love a slightly (very slightly) squatty sans serif. 

Above i'm showing some of my favorites and how i like to mix them. The above fonts I get through TypeKit but here are some other great resources for fonts if you don't use Typekit:

MyFonts  //  DaFont  //  Font Bros  //  Font Squirrel 


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