My (growing) love for houseplants

I have never, ever been one to enjoy houseplants- at all. It could be because i tend to have a pink thumb and kill anything i buy (i swear i water them), it could be because i just lack that gene, or maybe it could be that i just never really took the time to learn about them. Yes, i'm going to insert an eye roll here. Guys, let me tell you, it's not that bad - so far anyway. It all started when Parker (my son) and i headed into Home Depot after we moved and he spotted this really pretty elephant ear. He asked if we could get it. I thought about it for a hot 2 seconds because i just know the ending to all these plant stories, and told him no. Well, i can't lie. His face is just way too darling and i was soft that day. I thought to myself..."for $11.99, how much do i really have to lose?" So we happily put Oliver (Parker named the plant) in a cart and checked out. Oliver rode on the floor of the front of our Wrangler - with no doors. I mean the looks and laughs we got as Oliver's ears (literally) flapped around in the air. It was the best afternoon ever and Parker was happier than a pig in poop. 


Fast forward to the next month and i found myself with a living plant that had grown crazy big already and a new passion for houseplants. I also found myself back at Home Depot to search out more $11.99 plants. HA! 


So if like me, you are weary of houseplants because you have a pink thumb, i swear it's not that bad. Plusalso if you get yourself a pretty watering can and display it somewhere in the open, it's a nice reminder that yes, your plants need water. :)


Let me know what houseplants you love and also find easy to take care of and please keep me posted on your favorites!











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