Hi friends!

Depending upon how long you have followed me, you may (or may not) know that i'm an adoptive mama. I can't tell you how amazing my journey with my husband was, and continues to be. We have an open adoption with our birthmother and wouldn't have it any other way. 

However, i can say without a doubt that our journey came with so much stress, so much emotion, so much agony and so many bills.  Our final adoption bill was just about $40,000. Yes, FORTY THOUSAND DOLLARS. (And ps... that doesn't include the money we spent on infertility treatments).  I mean, you can buy a car for that price; You can redo a kitchen; You can do many, many things with that amount of money. But, it's OK- we wanted to spend it. We wanted to be parents. We didn't have that kind of money laying around in an offshore account, that is for sure! We took out a loan, we sacrificed dinners out, shopping trips, new cars, new anything for that matter, and we saved, and saved, and saved.  

What i've learned is that each adoption journey is so very different and the costs vary greatly. Believe me when i tell you, our journey was cheap. (insert that wide-eyed emoji here). I've also learned something about myself. I've learned that God put this journey in front of us for a reason. I truly want to help others going through the process and do what i can to help especially in a financial way. Helping to lift the weight of finances off the shoulders of someone waiting is huge guys. 

My friend Becky is the founder of Help Us Adopt. With donations from every walk of life, they have been able to donate $1.8 million dollars by giving 208 grants since the start in just 10 short years. Guys... that is just flipping incredible! 

My goal right now is raise $3,000 personally. I challenge each of you reading this to donate $1. Of course, the more the merrier but the way i look at it is every, single dollar helps.

For your generosity, i'll gift you with a free PDF of my 'Joy to the World' print pictured below. 


You can easily donate by clicking on my campaign page right here. You can also read a bit more about our journey also.

Lots of love guys!

xo, Rebecca


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