Our office built-in plan

Since we moved into our house in July, the object of my demise has been where to work. I work from home and travel one day a week (where I'm super lucky to have a workspace).

Over the summer it was easy to figure out - in the gorgeous three-season room. However, once the chill hit the air and then the downright frigid temperatures arrived, working on the sun-filled porch was a thing of the past. I currently work at my antique desk which I adore, but it just isn't conducive to really spreading out like I love to do. I often will find myself shifting to the oversized coffee table or dining room table. Also, because of the size of the desk, i can't fit my monitor on the desk so I'm 'stuck' using my laptop. It works, don't get me wrong but I can work much more efficient and quick if I had the proper setup.

My husband and I are contemplating on adding an office to our walk-up attic which is huge or the basement. However, it's costly and our immediate plan is to add a pool to our backyard (which has been our dream when house hunting) so the attic or basement will have to wait. (unless of course, we win the CT lottery soon). ;)

Our living room is big. I mean big. It's wide and long and really is a great space that we love hanging out in. We decided to have custom built-ins made to serve two functions. The first to create a workspace for me and a homework space for Parker and the second function is to hide away all the random stuff (i.e. toys and crap) that tend to find themselves in the living room.  The space is also very white right now so we plan to have the built-ins painted black. Here are some inspiration photos i have pulled to show our contractor. You can also see more on my Pinterest board. 


(source: unknown)



(source: HGTV)



(source: Ashley Go Forth)


Be sure to follow along on Pinterest as I add more inspiration images and also on Instagram where I plan to show progress once the project gets started.


xo Rebecca

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