stylish back to school supplies

Admittedly, as much as i dislike the back to school season simply for the jammed up schedules, homework and impending cooler Northeast weather - i simply ADORE back to school shopping. Even as a business owner i use this season as an excuse to shop for myself and my own workspace. Let's face it, a pretty, organized and inspiring space helps us work better, am i right?

As a school student (way back when) i looked forward to covering my books, adding stickers to everything, picking out new pencils, folders and notebooks. From high school to college it was very much like a holiday for me.

I've picked out some of our best sellers to help with your back to school shopping so you too, can have an organized, pretty and inspirational dorm room, desk at home or even a refreshed workspace.


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floral pouch  //  dotted pouch  //  list pad set
ceramic desk organizer tray  //  binder clips  //  paper clips
thumb tacks  //  ceramic pencil cup  //  pencil set  //  file folders


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