Friday Favorites


Happy Friday friends. I hope the week has been good to you!

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Here some fun reads and finds for your weekend. I hope it's a good one for you and yours.

[ 1 ] Living so close to NYC and the fact that warmer weather is finally here (Yay!) my husband and i are always on the lookout for great new spots to eat outside. Here is a quick read by Domino on some secret spots with outdoor gardens. 

[ 2 ] One of my favorite bloggers posted some delicious looking acai bowls. I'm excited to try these recipes.

[ 3 ] I just ordered this adorable shirt for Easter and i'm obsessed with it. It does run big though, so be sure to order down. 

[ 4 ] Speaking of Easter, i'm getting myself organized to play the Easter bunny. Having worked at PBK for years, i've always been a fan of their gifts for baskets. Helps to balance out the chocolate. :) 

[ 5 ] I am in full planning mode for Parker's 6th (OMG!) birthday. He requested a dinosaur theme and these just arrived and they are so, so cute. 


Winter Favorites


Winter in the northeast can feel like an eternity - for real. Long, cold days filled with bitter wind and snow. (Somehow though, we have been lucky - knock on wood) that just outside NYC we haven't gotten much). However, mid-winter is a good time to add some fun newbies to my wardrobe and freshen things up since spring is still a few months away. Plus also, there are some amazing sales you can score. 
Also, since we are just about done with the first month of the year, i've found that i am just about done filling my journal of prayers and gratefulness. I've been eyeballing this pretty floral one from Thimblepress for quite some time and i really love supporting my designer friends. So i'm going to order one for me. 
Here's to a [little] snow and fun fashion for the remainder of the winter.


November favorites


Something to wear, something to gift your Thanksgiving hostess and something yummy to smell. Here are some favorites!
 1. watercolor plate   2. candle   3. stir stick   4. coaster    
5. scarf  6. sweater  7. earrings

Summer favorites


Now that summer has kicked into high gear & high temperatures,
i wanted to share some of my favorite summer goodies.


 1. beach bag    2. beach towel   3. necklace   4. shorts   
5. coasters   6. pineapple platter 


from the heart


calligraphy by Tucci Cursive


Hi everyone! I'm beyond thrilled to finally share our new website with you. It has been many, many months in the making. The design, the interviewing of developers, the photography, the writing and just all of the details. 

Back in 2006 when my first website was launched for The Pink Orange, there was no blog. Then, when it was redesigned in 2010/2011, I added a blog back in. It was a regularly attended to piece of the website and I wholeheartedly enjoyed it. Free printables, free desktop designs, lots of new work and just basically anything I felt I wanted the world to see. I realized how much time blogging truly was and I was loosing my momentum and passion for consistent content, so I had my developer disable it.

Once I started working on what I wanted to include on this new website, I realized how much I missed sharing little goodies with everyone. So, here we go again. However, the caveat here is that I still don't have the time to blog regularly, hence the name 'Journal'. I feel as a journal, it can be whenever I want to share something specific and new and not hold the traditional 'rules' of a blog. Phew! Stress load diverted. 

This will always be my place to write to you. As the business owner and creative mind, I personally want to connect with anyone who follows along. I can promise I'm not a wordsmith, I type as quickly as I talk and in most cases just might have run-on sentences. #itsRealLifeFolks

My first entry includes a really beautiful, hand written desktop by Tucci Cursive. It reads 'And the trouble is if you don't risk anything, you risk even more' by Erica Jong. I love this quote (and Liz's amazing calligraphy) because as a small business owner, It really forces me to hold onto my dreams and run with them, even if risk is involved. I've learned so much in the past two years of developing the retail side  and even more in the past 10 years of owning The Pink Orange. There are some days I feel like I can't catch up and some days I feel like i'm up against walls. But you know what? I have found that everyone, regardless of the size of their business goes through it. I have also learned that there are some truly incredible and talented designers out there. Designers that are willing to share experiences, successes and failures. On the flip side i've found that some designers are just downright ferocious and challenging. It makes me utterly sad because in such a world where there is already so much negativity and *stuff* I wish we could all just get along and realize we are creating a beautiful world together. 

I've learned to understand and follow trends, without being trendy. I've learned that focusing on my own skill set and creating pieces that make not only me happy but my customers, followers and retailers is what is most important - not worrying about what everyone else is doing. I've learned that life isn't about social media counts, likes and follows. 

So go ahead, take a risk today regardless of the size. Take a step or two towards your dreams. You just never know where the path may take you.


Feel free to download the desktop design for your own device.
I've got them ready in various sizes:
[ 1280 x 1024 ], [ 1440 x 900 ], [ 1920 x 1200 ] and for your iPad

Also, be sure you check out Tucci Cursive's gorgeous instagram feed,
it's some real eye candy.